How to Install Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows have many advantages over single glazed windows, as they are more energy efficient, and they can be extremely resistant to heat build up, which can be a major problem for older buildings. As well as reducing energy costs, they also offer several other benefits, such as: reduced carbon emissions, protection against the harmful effects of light, and a better quality of life for homeowners. It is also possible to double glaze a window using a double glazing kit, which is very inexpensive, and usually not that difficult to install yourself. Most windows can be done on a DIY basis, but you should be aware that there are certain things you should be aware of when working with DIY products.

double glazed windows

What is double Glazing?

Firstly, it is very important to ensure that the window that you have been glazing is still in good condition. In order to do this, you will need to remove the window panes and look carefully around the frame of the window to make sure that there are no cracks, dents, or holes. This can often be found at the bottom of the window (where the window meets the wall). Also, when taking the panes out of your old window, make sure that they are completely empty. You will probably find that there is an extra part of glass that has broken, and if this is the case then you should take it out on your own, but don’t use force, and always leave plenty of space between the two pieces of glass so that you can reattach them to their place later. Once you have cleaned all the glass and the frame, you should install the panes using silicone caulk. This can be a little tricky, but it can make the job go much smoother and quicker.

After the panes have been installed, you should re-seal the frames with silicon caulking again and then put the windows back into place. Make sure that they are installed snugly together, because if they are not it will cause leaks and allow moisture in through cracks, and the resulting dampness is not only unsanitary but very bad for the environment as well. It is very important to follow these simple steps, and if they are followed correctly, then you should find that your double glazed windows will last a very long time, and will give you years of enjoyment without having to replace them every few years.